Consumer Product Events

Like a trade show,

but instead of products and buyers,
its for products and press only.

Menu of Services

  • Media & Merch
    A (Virtual) Press Junket

    Consumer Product Events virtual press junket is exclusive to media, reporters, influencers, bloggers, producers, editors and freelancers looking to find products to feature in their stories, especially product round-ups, gift guides and reviews. Founded in 2009 by a consumer packaged PR guru of 30 years, Consumer Product Events produces events in New York City and Los Angeles that bring the media together to be exposed to newsworthy products in every category.

    Now that physical events are a thing of the past, this is a virtual matchmaking event.

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  • Media Salons

    One 6-foot table with linens
    Inclusion in a press release serviced to over 1500 consumer product
    reporters in your industry, and on PRNewsWire
    Personal introductions to reporters on site
    Sampling of your product to all reporters at the event
    The press list
    Bdirect (WalMart, Target, Costco, Sams Club and uber Amazon optiimzers)
    CNN Underscored
    JOH (distributor to top grocery chains in US)
    Photos that can be used for any marketing purposes
    Publicity angle consultation
    Consultation on the list

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  • Direct Access

    A virtual version of our events, but customized for your business. This includes a one hour PR consultation, a customized list of press to match your business goals, delivery of your product to that list and the list itself.

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  • Sampling & Press List

    Sampling of your product to the reporters who attend our media introduction salons. Requires 75 pieces of product, each piece must have a press release attached. Products must be an actual product (not a brochure or press kit). After the event is over, you receive an Excel list of all RSVPs with their full contact information, and more. The lists are usually about 100-200 contacts.

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  • Press Release

    Drafting of one press release carefully engineered on the #1 most newsworthy aspect of your product / company.
    Includes two round of edits.

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  • Press Kits

    (100) pre-printed folders with your branding, stuffed and delivered with your personalized press kit documents. We draft the three key documents needed to pitch the press: a fact sheet, press release and executive biography We deliver them to your table, so you are ready to meet the press (4 weeks needed for drafting a production).

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  • Goody Bag Sponsorship

    Exhibitors may have their logo and branding on the 75 goody bags that go to the reporter guests. All that's needed is your high resolution art and we do the printing.
    (4 weeks required for drafting and production)

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  • Hire A Publicist for the Day

    If you cannot be at the event, we'll assign a professional publicist who can be there during the event for you. They are seasoned pros, who in a 15 minute phone training will get the newsworthy aspect of your product. They'll set up your table, pitch the press who attend, take notes and report back to you on the opportunities which arise for your brand.

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  • Hire A Publicist for 20 Hours of Pitching

    If an exhibitor cannot attend the event in person, they can hire one of our seasoned publicists to man the table, pitch the press about your brand and then provide (20) hours of follow-up pitching after the event to provide placement for you. All that's required is a 15 minute brand download and they'll easily catch what is newsworthy to pitch to the press about your brand.

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  • Top Shelf

    Event signage in room and check-in area (2) 6 x 3 vinyl banners, (3) 6 pop up standing signs, logo on all venue directional signage, title sponsor placement in press release (1500 reporters), logo on four (4) event HTML email blasts (30,000), full control of room decor (costs not included), logo on goody bags that go to the attending press (75), front placement double table exhibition space (20 x 20), the press list.

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  • Middle Shelf

    Event signage in room and check-in area, (2) 6 x 3 vinyl banners, (3) 6 pop up standing signs, co-Sponsor placement in press release (1500 reporters), logo on four (4) event HTML email blasts (30000), logo on all venue directional signage, the press list.

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  • Influencer Desk Deliveries

    A quick hit mailing to the top 20 reporters who at various times of the year are doing gift guides or themed roundup stories based on the news calendar. We offer up to 10 spots in each bag, then send the product to them, include you in a PRNewswire disseminated press release and then provide you with the list of contacts.

    • Valentine's Day Gift Guides

      Products needed by December 20, 2020

    • Mother's & Father's Day Gift Guides

      Products needed by February 28, 2021

    • Holiday Gift Guides

      Products Needed by July 15, 2021

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