Consumer Product Events

Have a product to launch and limited dollars for marketing?

Get your product directly in front of reporters, each of whom have readers / listeners and viewerships of 10,000’s to millions. Be interviewed. Get the list of contacts to nurture for the lifetime of your business.

You’ve finally created your baby and you’re either wondering, “what next?”

or you’ve already quit your day job and you’re looking for a marketing method that will reach a massive audience. You may have heard PR described as “free advertising,” or you deeply understand all the intricacies of marketing and know the power of a reporter’s opinion and influence. You’ve dreamt of creating a life from your vision instead of being a slave to someone else’s brainchild and it’s time to take the next step. You’re more than ready to get your phone ringing and money piling up in your bank account; after all you have a mortgage to pay and kids to put through school.

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