Our Staff

Alyson Dutch | Chief Strategist, CPG Launch Maven

Since she was a puppy, Dutch has been fascinated and immersed in the world of product publicity and cross-platform marketing. Thirty years later, she is a sought-after CPG launch pad specialist with a keen x-ray vision for positioning products squarely into the hearts and pocketbooks of target consumers. As head of Malibu-based Brown + Dutch Public Relations since 1996 and do-it-yourself matchmaker for products and press, Consumer Product Events (est. 2009), Dutch is also the author of the PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs and writes about product marketing for The New Economist, Inventors Digest, Small Business Digest, and others. She has worked with celebrities from Elton John to the Beach Boys, produced a “Plant vs. Animal Protein Challenge” clinical trial for a plant protein company with 11 UFC fighters and publicized Swatch’s new chip technology with Olympic snowboarding legends. With Shaquille O’Neal, she launched an anti-snoring device called Zyppah and rolled out a Mediterranean diet food franchise with surfing legend Kelly Slater. Over the past 23 years, she’s spent her spare time as an EMT ski patroller, climbing high altitude mountains, on her bike and drinking ‘09 brunellos when she gets home.

Favorite Reads: Power vs. Force (Dr. David Hawkins), because it quantifies how every act, thought and choice we make adds to a permanent mosaic in the universe. The Way of the Superior Man (David Deida) because it shows us the unstoppable forces of yang and yang why and why polarity brings happiness in relationship. Lastly, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s On Self Reliance essay – because it taught me true responsibility (and it’s insanely poetic).
Most Memorable Childhood Products: Velveeta! Lemonheads, Grape flavored Kool-Aid,
If You Invented a Product What Would it Be? Something OEM or private label, hands down.
Most Cherished News Story of All Time? Nelson Mandela being released from jail (and having the honor of working in South Africa with the Mandela family and Hollywood during the fall of apartheid). And, of course, every story we’ve ever placed for our clients.

Macy Harrell | Publicist

Macy Harrell is a media relations specialist who has spearheaded successful marketing and PR campaigns in the lifestyle, health and beauty categories. She’s gained a reputation for helping brands find their story and tell it to the media. Her diverse skill set includes public relations, influencer marketing, production management, creative direction, branding and social media. Macy has garnered publicity in publications like The Dr. Oz Show, Allure, Marie Claire, Today Show, People Magazine and more. Her diverse portfolio includes Shaquille O’Neal’s health campaign with Zyppah and the esteemed Dermatologist Dr. Nazanin Saedi. Some of her clients have included: Sleep Well Consultants, Givaudan, DEFY Lingerie, Cutera Aesthetic Lasers, Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories, Smarter Toddler and Woombie.

Favorite Read: The Magic of Thinking BIg by David Schwartz
Most Memorable Childhood Products: Skip-it or good old double dutch rope!
If You Invited a Product, What Would it Be? Nuh uh – Not without an NDA 😉
Most Cherished News Story of All Time: Obama winning the 2008 election. I wrote a front page story on it in my school newspaper.

Khourin Wilkins | NYC Event Manager

A creative talent that loves working to making things and people beautiful, Khourin Wilkins currently works for a non-profit advocating for underserved populations by applying great strategy and creativity. Khourin’s experience lies in consumer marketing and business development. A recent graduate from Parsons The New School for Design’s MS program in Strategic Design and Management, Khourin plans to become a consultant for small minority owned businesses.

Most favorite read: Anything by Jhumpa Lahiri and Malcolm Gladwell. My favorite sites are Business Insider and The Huffington Post. I love listening to NPR and WNYC, I also love TED Talks.
Most memorable childhood product I loved Hubba Bubba bubblegum tape
If you invented a product, what would it be? I can’t think of anything that hasn’t been done, but I would invent a better education system for children in poor communities locally and globally.
Most cherished news story of all time. When Barack Obama won his first election

Amanda Tolbert | Product Scout

A Southern petting-loving product scout from Atlanta, Amanda has been in the advertising business throughout her career spanning 26 years. For Harmonix, she created a Rock Stars Playing Rock Band at the legendary Whisky A-Go-Go, developed the destination of Puerto Rico for Delta Airlines and worked with consumer brands from AT&T to Toyota. Tolbert has worked with consumer magazines such as Reader’s Digest, digital press, and business-to-business entities, created and sold sponsorships and provided business development in the film and music industries and luxury travel for Ritz Carlton and the worlds’ of healthcare and music. In her spare time, she has a huge heart for animals and rescues the downtrodden four-leggeds to ensure they have a happy home. She is one of the original product scouts at Consumer Product Events when the company was hatched in 2009.

Most Favorite Read: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
Most Memorable Childhood Product: Big Wheel
If You Invented A Product, What Would It Be? A homing device for lost animals to ensure they never lose their family.
Most Cherished News Story Of All Time: Princess Diana marrying Prince Charles and watching it on TV very early in the morning.

Damian Qualter |

Damian Qualter is a cross-platform marketing specialist with expertise in creating communication funnels that maximise registrations, uptake and attendance using Infusionsoft. Not only that, with clever use of marketing automation and segmentation he is able to ensure maximum reach to the right marketplace to achieve the best results.

With over 25 years launching, developing and directing companies, products and ventures, as well as sharing his knowledge through his Consultancy business, Damian is not one to refuse a challenge.

Most Favorite Read: The Magus
Most Memorable Childhood Product: Lego
If You Invented A Product, What Would It Be? Diet chocolate that actually makes you lose weight
Most Cherished News Story Of All Time: The Fall of The Berlin Wall

Lily Spirtos | PR Coordinator

Lily is a marketing practitioner with a background in news, project management, event production and social marketing. Born with the proactive gene at the forefront, she is one of those people with natural tendencies to organize, bring ideas into form and enroll those around her to support them coming to fruition. Also innately curious, Lily has spent a good amount of time in front of the news camera and behind a microphone, reporting on her personal passion for politics. As a Greek American, Lily is very active in her community, bringing her familial cultural traditions to life. In her spare time, she enjoys being a mentor to children, teaching them folk dancing and warm guidance on life. Lily loves all types of dancing, is a runner and when she’s not indulging in a heady book about philosophy, she lavishes attention on her miniature poodle, Charlie, and golden retriever, Roxy.

Most Favorite Read: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
Most Memorable Childhood Product: Tamagotchis & Disney Princess Karaoke
If You Invented A Product, What Would It Be? A simulation that would replay all memories a person would like to be recorded, so people would never forget their favorite life moments.
Most Cherished News Story Of All Time: “It’s Official: George Stephanopoulos to Join “Good Morning America”” (I watched GMA every morning with my mom growing up and looked up to George Stephanopoulos as a role model).

Rose Cowart | Social Media, Email Marketing and PR Administrator

Rose is a Southern California native with an inclination for all things marketing and using research tools to enhance and build brand awareness through media channels. Her versatile background with public relations, writing, recruitment, and event planning allows her to bring innovative ideas and creative content in the realms of media, human resources, and sales. Rose’s career has entailed managing freelance clients via social media, project management for large non-profits, and curating blogs or posts on various platforms. She is successful at working in diverse industries to develop comprehensive approaches that positively impact businesses and clients through engagement, branding and tracking market trends. In her spare time, she can be found traveling, journaling at the beach, or cherishing moments with her brother, James, and sister, Anaya.

Most Favorite Read: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison
Most Memorable Childhood Product: Gameboy (classic!) & Kodak disposable cameras
If You Invented A Product, What Would It Be? Can’t give away my masterpiece just yet!
Most Cherished News Story Of All Time: Marvel’s Black Panther – amazing cast, storyline, and authentic film. One of a kind!